Why we're all falling in live with Hygge


So, one of the biggest Interior’s trends this Autumn is the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ or ‘hue-gah’. If you’ve never heard of Hygge before, there isn’t a literal translation into English, but it’s the Danish concept of cozyness during the winter months. Those Danes actually enjoy winter, in fact they positively embrace it and hyggeing (just made that up!) gets them through it. Of course it’s also an antidote to our super stressed out lives in this country, rushing everywhere, never enough time just to sit, relax, enjoy and be still. This isn’t a preachy post as I’m one of the worst culprits out there; a busy life juggling my family’s needs, trying to run a small business, always squeezing too much into a day and rarely satisfied with what I achieve; you get the picture… 

The Danes and most Scandi nations in fact, most definitely have it good. They are lovers of calm and as a result, always top the polls as the happiest people on earth, and this, despite the fact that they have brutal winters with little daylight in the coldest months.

My family and I visited Norway in April this year and I did fall a little bit in love with the Scandi, outdoorsy lifestyle. It was the most relaxing place I’ve ever been, people were so chilled, but it’s also worth noting, it was also the emptiest place too. There was nobody in Oslo! Compared to our major cities, even the city centre had free parking spaces. No wonder they’re less stressed than us Brits!

I deviate… even though we live in congested cities and lead busy lives outside the home, we can still recreate Hygge inside our homes and this is something I most definitely try and do. In interior’s terms, Hygge means cosying up and I love it because it represents everything my little business Suburban Salon is about too. The best way to cosy up is, of course, to create soft textures in your home. As well as sheepskin and faux fur stools and cushions (aka the Suburban Salon product range!) rugs, throws, blankets, wall hangings and macramé all bring gorgeous texture to a room. By the way, I am loving the resurgence of 70’s favourite Macrame, just perfect for a cool, Boho look ( www.hilaryandflo.co.uk have some beautiful ones, check it out) like this one, middle pic). Bit of inspo..

Other ways to create a warm, inviting, cosy atmosphere is through fragrance. Again,  the Danes apparently buy more candles than any other country in the world! But whether scented or unscented, candlelight can provide an escape from a wintery chill and is the most simple way to achieve a bit of Hygge in your home. Finally, get yourself some super soft, comfortable lounge wear and snuggle up with your family, glass of wine, good Netflix series and you’re all set for this winter! Enjoy. J x



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29 September, 2016

Lisa Dawson

I loved this post Julia! I totally agree that the Danes know what they are doing they are so cool without even trying. And you’ve now made me long for early candle lighting nights and sheepskin throws! Xxx

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