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Goodness, business has been so good, I've not been on my blog writing game for a while but please check out this post by Interior's Blogger Olivia Silk about my Mongolian Stool: 

Scandinavian Dressing Table Featuring The Perfect Mongolian Sheepskin Stool

Scandi Dressing Table

Have you ever seen something that you absolutely had to have even though you had no idea where it was going to go? But you need it. That’s what happened when I laid my eyes on Surburban Salon’s Mongolian Sheepskin Hairpin Leg Stool. My solution? Find a space for the perfect dressing table just so this stool can be pride of place. A few weeks later and here it is, my simple (Scandi inspired) but classy dressing table. It’s a bright white space with pops of blush and gold, my absolute favourites at the moment.
The Mongolian Sheepskin (Tibetan Lamb) Hairpin Leg Stools are available in a huge 17 different sheepskin colours (if blush isn’t doing it for you) and with 4 metallic leg options which are powder coated for protection against scratches. I cannot tell you how soft the sheepskin is, I wish you could touch it yourself (That sounds weird doesn’t it? But you know what I mean.) The softest sheepskin I’ve ever felt without a doubt which means it makes the perfect seat for comfort as well as style.
These stunning luxury stools are usually £259 but Suburban Salon are kindly offering a lovely discount for my readers – get them for £195 for two weeks when you use code LUSTLIVING at (this code will expire 20th February 2017). Also do check out Suburban Salon’s English Sheepskin stools (which aren’t as pricey starting at £139!)


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