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The Suburban Salon Mongolian Bench & Footstool Collection

The Suburban Salon Mongolian sheepskin upholstered bench & footstool are as luxe a piece of furniture as you can possibly buy in our opinion!  Covered in the softest, silkiest Mongolian sheepskin (sometimes referred to as Tibetan Lamb) you will just want to spend hours running your fingers through it! As well as looking beautiful and adding a glamorous touch to any room, both our benches and footstools are also sturdy and practical pieces of furniture.

Naturally, being handmade the bench and the footstool comes fully assembled and with your choice of hairpin legs, copper, gold (pictured here), chrome, silver (brushed chrome) or black.

It comes also in a possible 17 colours of Mongolian sheepskin. Blush and Dark Blue are available to buy here, for any other colours, please email