Why Launch A Suburban Salon Dog Bed?

The Suburban Salon Dog Bed

So, all my friends and everyone who follows me on Instagram knows I’m a little bit obsessed with my Cavapoo Teddy who’s 2, he’s my Instagram muse for sure. As a family we were deeply affected by the Manchester Arena bomb in May, 2017 (just to put you in the picture briefly, my daughter and I were in the foyer when the bomb exploded and my leg was badly injured). We collected Teddy shortly afterwards, knowing that he would be a kind of therapy dog to us all. He’s provided so much love and a distraction from a traumatic event when we needed it and helped with our emotional recovery as a result. We love him to bits, to the extent that we will soon be welcoming his biological sister Dolly to our home too! That’s another story, but needless to say we are huge dog lovers who want the absolute best for our dogs.

 When we first brought Teddy home with us, he destroyed most of the beds we bought him. The go to pet stores mostly offer poor quality, poor value, over-stuffed floor beds that aren’t washable, look and feel cheap. I remember at the time being pretty disheartened and Teddy destroyed most of them within weeks. It got me thinking…..why shouldn’t our fur babies have a bed that is well designed and also delivers on comfort, safety, practicality, but most importantly, will last? I decided to think about what the ultimate cat and dog bed design would look like and did some research.  

I launched Suburban Salon 4 years ago and as a brand it’s become synonymous with sheepskin, hairpin legs, furniture to sit or rest your legs on and of course Teddy, who regularly features on my Instagram feed of course. Following some research, I quickly realised that the same product features that apply to Suburban Salon ie: hairpin legs to make it raised, coupled with sheepskin to make it soft would lend themselves perfectly to a dog or cat bed and thereby fit perfectly with my brand. So, I decided to design a beautiful mid-century inspired dog bed that would fit well with the Suburban Salon brand. A solid, beautiful, durable, wooden raised bed frame that looks super cool, coupled with a soft, cosy sheepskin, plus art would be customisable with your fur baby’s name. This is the ultimate comfortable, practical, durable bed and a beautiful piece of furniture for your home. 

As well as looking good and complimenting your home, our dog and cat beds, also have some major health benefits, which considering a well exercised dog can spend 80% of their lives resting is pretty important.  

Benefits of a Raised Pet bed

Raising your pet’s bed off the floor makes for a more comfortable sleep. When a dog sleeps in the floor, he or she is exposed to draughts that occur at floor level, particularly bad for dogs suffering from circulatory conditions or arthritis. A raised bed, provides comfort and a more even temperature. Before Teddy had his new dog bed, he would get on and off his bed all night trying to balance his temperature which naturally means he wasn’t getting a good night’s rest. As humans, we already know this. There’s no way we would lie on the floor to sleep, as it would be uncomfortable, cold and make us very stiff!

It’s cleaner and fresher off the floor too as being raised allows air to circulate. Our dog bed frames can be vacuumed and the sheepskin shaken regularly and thrown in the washing machine. This prevents a mould and mildew build up which attracts dust mites and fleas.   

Benefits of Sheepskin


For those of you who have sheepskin throws in your home, you’ll already know that your cat or dog loves lying on them, but there is some science behind this. Sheepskin is softened with lanolin which is a wool-wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. So, dogs and cats love sheepskin because when they rub against lanolin, it's extremely relaxing for them.

Body Heat Regulation

The wool fibres of a sheepskin regulate your pet's body temperature. The sheepskin has insulating properties which keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so ideal for all year-round use. Even when you pet gets caught in the rain, they will begin to warm as soon as they snuggle into their sheepskin.


The thickness of a sheepskin fleece is so comfortable, it helps to prevent pressure sores and relieve aching muscles. It’s good for pets with arthritis too and experienced dog handlers believe that particular breeds prone to arthritis or other body pains manage without the disease for longer if they use sheepskin for bedding. 


Remembering the wasteful cycle of dog beds I threw out in the early days when Teddy was a pup is horrifying. We want to change this unnecessary waseful throwaway culture and offer a real alternative. Our dog beds are built to last. You will only need this one dog bed EVER! Yes, the sheepskins can be washed and replaced if necesary in time if they become grubby, but our dog frames will last your pet a lifetime.


There are no sharp nails or screws in any area of the bed that is accessible to your pet

and we only use new hardwood, Oak and Walnut because reclaimed wood may have been exposed to chemicals. Also, protective varnishes are non toxic in case of licking or chewing of the furniture.

The Suburban Salon Bed Collection comes in 3 Sizes and 2 Wood options

Small £299

Size Guide: for small dogs like Teddy and cats


60cm x 46 cm x 32cm height

Medium £329

Size Guide: for Larger Cockapoos and Cocker Spaniels  

70cm x 46cm x 32cm height

Large £359

Size Guide: for Retrievers

86cm x 46cm x 32cm height


Select from beautiful mid toned Oak,  (modelled here by Teddy) which does not have any knots or variations or Walnut, which has a rich, brown tone. The base of the beds are made with Plywood.


Included within the price of the bed, you can customise your dog bed with your pet’s name. There is no limit on number of characters within reason (just has to fit on the bed!)


All our beds are made handmade locally in Cheshire by highly skilled carpenters. As we are a flexible, small business, we can deliver a bespoke size, so please get in touch with Julia with your requirements directly.


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