We believe that adding oodles of texture to your home makes for a fabulously cool interior. In addition to our hand crafted furniture, you can add texture to your home with our fabulous collection of Suburban Salon Cowhides which will complement both modern and traditional interiors. Dare to be different with our Zebra print style and unusual hides speckled with metallic gold and silver. 

All our Cowhides are authentic leather and originate from Brazil. They just ooze cool and will bring a glamorous, luxury look to any bedroom or lounge. Layer them with other rugs in your home, or allow them to shine on their own. 

    Priced from £249 plus p and p. 

    All our hides have been handpicked by Julia, the average size being 215 x 170cm

    If you would like to see a picture of your hide before dispatch, please ring or email.

    Please note the following, cowhides are a natural product and as with all hides, there may be natural blemishes which should not be considered flaws, as this is what makes each item beautiful and unique.

    • For everyday maintenance, simply brush and shake and vacuum regularly 
    • Can be wiped in direction of hair growth with a slightly damp cloth and using mild soap and water (never soak it or get it wet).
    • Do not wash or dry clean.
    • Will start to show wear if used in high traffic areas.
    • Avoid direct sunlight.


    ZEBRA Print Genuine Leather Cowide
    ZEBRA Print Genuine Leather Cowide £249.00