The Suburban Salon Footstool Collection is a luxe collection of furniture to rest your feet on. There are multiple sizes, shapes, colours and sheepskin options to choose from. We really do try to offer a bespoke product at an affordable price!

It comes in both our classic silky, smooth, crimped Mongolian Sheepskin or English sheepskin, a much thicker texture, (more of a Scandi look). 

As well as looking beautiful and adding a glamorous touch to any room, our footstools are also sturdy, well constructed and practical pieces of furniture. Naturally, being handmade, all our footstools come fully assembled and with your choice of hairpin legs, choose from copper, gold, black, brushed chrome or raw steel.

Our footstool collection comes in two shapes, rectangular or circular and each shape comes in three different sizes, (use the drop down boxes to select), as follows:   

Rectangular Footstools 

Small Footstool measures 41cm length x 36cm 

Standard Footstool measures: 71cm length x 40 cm width 

Extra Large Footstool measures: 120cm* length x 40 cm width 

*Please note to achieve 120cm in length, two Mongolian throws are sewn together so there is a seam in the upholstery which is slightly noticeable. The Mongolian sheepskin is a very forgiving fabric and in our opinion does not effect the look of the bench at all. Any questions, please ask as our products are non returnable. 

Round Footstools 

Our round shape is a lovely pouffe and comes in three sizes, small, medium and large.  

Small measures 30cm diameter, with 3 hairpin legs 

Medium is 36cm diameter, with 3 hairpin legs

Large is 44cm diameter, with 4 hairpin legs 

The height of all our footstools is 32cm as we think this is the ideal height for a footstool, but again, if you would like yours to be a different height, let us know! 

Please note, our shipping prices are to Mainland UK and the USA as these are our main markets. We do, however, ship to Europe and other worldwide destinations, so please head over to our contact page to get in touch for a shipping price. 

Any other questions, please do get in touch via our Contact Form or email or by phone 07944 599494

English Sheepskin Footstool Collection
English Sheepskin Footstool Collection from £159.00
Mongolian Sheepskin Collection of Round Footstools
Mongolian Sheepskin Collection of Round Footstools from £199.00
English Sheepskin Footstool Collection in PINK
English Sheepskin Footstool Collection in PINK from £159.00