About Me.. why footstools.. why Suburban Salon Interiors?


I’m Julia Eldon, the founder and Owner of Suburban Salon Interiors. Having given up my career in the crazy world of marketing, I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last 15 years at home, working for myself and bringing up my children. During this time, I have enjoyed developing a whole new set of skills including interior-design, soft-furnishings, designing and making children’s clothes and more latterly upholstery. Mostly though, my passion is interiors. I'm an interiors addict, geek, obsessive, call it what you will, but my new career most definitely had to involve interiors, along with my love of creating and making. Check out my Instagram feed @suburbansalon (there's a link on the homepage) and you'll see how I've designed our own home.

Where did the furry upholstery idea come from? Well, in our house, we love anything tactile and my kids just adore snugly, cosy textiles around the house and well, I love them too, but more, I just love cool, colourful and useful furniture. When I started experimenting with my upholstered stools and footstools my children literally went wild with excitement! Then I noticed it wasn’t just my children…. friend’s children loved them and would want to stroke them when they came around and my friends loved the look of them too. I started to get requests to make them …. which was when I decided to turn my hobby into a business and Suburban Salon Interiors was created.

My studio is based in Bramhall, South Manchester and it is here that I have designed and developed the Suburban Salon Collection of Stools, Benches, Footstools and cushions. All my products are hand-crafted by me, using only the best quality faux fur and ethically sourced sheepskin and Mongolian sheepskin. 

Hope you like them.

Julia x