Life has been so ridiculously busy these last few months; I’ve just not got to it. Running a small business, scheduling time for designing and making products, marketing said products and running a home; it’s not as easy juggling a small business and family life as I thought it would be, but there are so many positives to this line of work. Suburban Salon has enabled me to have a creative outlet and follow my passion for interiors, connect with new, wonderful, creative people and allow me to be flexible around the rest of my life, so it’s all good.

So, today I wanted to talk about the connection between fashion and interiors as faux fur is playing a major role in both worlds this season. Flicking through November’s magazines, faux fur really is just about everywhere, which is quite unusual as interiors trends usually follow fashion and (thankfully) stick around for a lot longer. Not many people can change the look of their home seasonally ....anyone?

In fashion, J crew and Asos are leading the way. Check out this amazing faux-fur coat from Asos £189, and this eye-catching stole from J Crew; just love this amazing yellow. This would surely brighten up any winter’s day.

Can’t talk about fashion and faux fur without mentioning, Charlotte Simone (above) who is the name in fashion accessories at the moment. Her fluffy accessories are super cool, stocked in Matches, Liberty and a firm favourite of the fashion crowd Alexa Chug et al. She’s also just been nominated for the prestigious 2015 British Fashion Awards – very hot and such a cool business!  

These examples are all rather daring, but M&S and Zara have some lovely, more neutral alternatives if you’re not feeling quite as bold. Using faux fur in the home is pretty much like using fur in fashion. Certainly, unless you’re Ivana Trump, you wouldn’t dress head to toe in fur! It’s an accent piece, a gilet, jacket, scarf, hat or bag. The same applies to its application in the world of interiors; interior’s accent pieces include, cushions, throws, beanbags (watch this space I will be launching a range of bean bags soon) and naturally, footstools of course... Having said that, there are some fabulous faux fur sofas about for full on glam. This pink faux fur sofa was featured in November’s Living Etc. (a cool £11,500 by Fernando & Humbert Campana) ..and I have to admit, I have been known to upholster a chair or two in my time!


Again, as with fashion, you can choose to be full on glamorous as the examples above illustrate nicely or you can go for a more subtle, cosy, Scandinavian influenced look. I think there’s room for both. At the moment, I’m busy sourcing new faux fur colours for my A/W 2016 collections would you believe and in the process doing a lot of trend research….watch this space.

Below, cosy up with the Suburban Salon Rabbit Alaskan Collection.



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24 October, 2015


Thanks for your recent comment, glad to hear you like my blog :) I know exactly how it feels to be soooo busy- I’m a mum of two, full time student and also trying to run my blog [and a house!] at the same time! I think we just need to be consistent, patient and grateful for what we’ve already achieved and the success will come. ;-)
I love faux fur! I’ve been looking for a faux fur gilet for a few weeks now and can’t find the perfect one… and I also wish I could afford some of your products, they’re just amazing!
Glad to connect, take care!

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