All interior designers love to spout on about texture… any book on interior design, will always have a chapter or a section devoted to the importance of it and how it is key to giving a room a finished look. How you bring texture to a room is a very personal decision, but it’s basically about layering a room to bring warmth, personality and, with any luck, a bit of style. Without it, a room will look featureless, flat and soulless and no room deserves that!

So how do you achieve texture? Some rooms luckily are naturally full of texture purely in the form of their raw materials; think brick walls, stone stairs and wood panelling all bring a rough texture to a room. But for most rooms, especially in modern houses (such as my 60s house), texture has to be contrived – the key here is, to not look contrived.

Accessories are a great way to express your personality in a room and can inject texture as well as pattern and colour.   Display a range of objects you love, that you’ve collected and mean something to you. Could be prints, vases, plates, sculptures and put them together on a shelf or a console table. Then, curate the collection, but make it look 3D, (no straight lines) and stick to a couple of colours so it doesn’t look too haphazard. It doesn’t have to look symmetrical – just keep tweaking until you’re pleased with the result.

Another way to employ texture is through use of textiles. Textiles add much needed softness to a room as well as being a great way to employ colour and pattern; so, over dose on soft plush cushions (I’m a huge fan – you can never have too many cushions) and mix them up, have different sizes, shapes, patterns.

Finally, just think the key to creating texture is aiming for as much visual variation as possible. By doing this you will make your room look beautiful, interesting and memorable – never dull!



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