My quirky handmade collection of footstools and chairs has really been borne out of a love of texture. Working on interior design projects over the years, I seemed to spend my life throwing sheepskin rugs, blankets or faux fur throws over chairs and sofas in an effort to create the much-coveted soft, sumptuous ‘textured’ look all interior designers long for. Then, and I’m cringing as I’m writing this, I did have what people on Dragon’s Den may call a ‘light bulb moment!!’ There, can’t believe I’ve written that but that’s how it felt at the time, when I thought, why not just upholster furniture in fur to achieve this look instead?

As this is my first blog, quick background on me; had my first child 12 years ago, and gave up my career as a marketing manager (I was in love and couldn’t leave him with anyone!) We bought wreck of a house 8 years ago, budget did not stretch to the interlined blinds and curtains I desired in Designer Guild fabric (eek) – unfortunately I’ve always had very expensive taste - tricky on one income. So, I dragged my best friend along to a soft-furnishing’s course for a giggle and learnt a whole new set of skills and kitted out the entire house in beautiful blinds, curtains and more cushions than you could ever possibly need! Way too many if you ask my husband! My mother is very fond of telling the story of how I couldn’t sew a button on in my days as a Marketing Manager but, looking back, I just never had the time to indulge in a hobby. That course then led to further courses in interior design and upholstery and I discovered my love for sewing, crafting, making children’s clothes, interior design and upholstering anything and everything. It all filled a creative void that had been missing since I gave up my glam creative job in marketing and I’ve not stopped ever since. 

Back to Suburban Salon then….as I said earlier, texture is key in any interior and the aim of my furry footstool and chairs collection is to deliver just that – to inject a dose of snuggly, strokable texture to any room - they also look pretty cool too. Your feet will love snuggling up on a Suburban Salon footstool while you watch your fav boxset!

Hope you like them.

Julia x

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